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Making Dog Training Accessible for Every Lifestyle



Training Wherever You Are

Having access to affordable, knowledgeable trainers you trust can be difficult for clients, especially depending on where you live.  For Them Dog Training offers virtual training that can be done from anywhere you are.  Distance should never be the final factor in deciding on a trainer that works best for you.



Brining Training to Your Home

Working through challenging behaviors with dogs can already be a stressful time, making the commute shouldn't also be stressful.  Dogs feel most comfortable in the environment they are accustomed to, which is why For Them Dog Training offers in home training to help your dog feel confident and secure, and to work on real life situations in your dog's real life!



Let's Simplify the Complex Issues

For some dogs and owners, working through their behavioral issues can feel overwhelming, especially when you are first getting started. For Them Dog Training is here to make that process easier.  Board and Train programs offer the opportunity for your dog to learn the basics and the foundation to overcome their behavioral issues while working, and living, with the trainer. This option is ideal for dog's with complex behavioral issues or owners who are overwhelmed with the work ahead.  Board and Trains are also an excellent opportunity for owners of dog's with behavioral issues to finally take that vacation they've been wanting!


Please note, a travel fee may apply to your appointment.

Please see Booking page for details.

Three in person or virtual training sessions at a discounted rate.

$250 (savings of $50)

Potty training, crate training, leash walking, sit, down, stay, recall, leave it, and public outings to start socializing at a young age to develop the foundation for a well balanced dog. For dogs under 6 months of age at beginning of sessions.


Six in person or virtual training sessions at a discounted rate.

$500 (savings of $100)

This package includes 7 sessions as a combination of virtual and in person, depending on the beginning training level of the dog. This package is a great option for owners who are working through reactivity towards other dogs, people, or moving vehicles on the street. Since reactivity can be a very complex emotional response, the 7 sessions gives us the opportunity to really dive in to identify the reasons behind the reactivity and to create and execute a training plan that will work for you and your dog to help them overcome these extreme feelings, as well as work on foundational training such as basic obedience and lifestyle changes with your dog.


Marker words, sit, down, stay, recall, loose leash walking, calm greetings with dogs and people. For dogs over 6 months of age. 


Our board and train packages vary depending on your dogs' behavior, goals, age, and starting point in training.  We offer 3 week training programs for puppies, and 4-8 week training programs for adult dogs depending on what your goals are! For more information on our board and train packages, please contact For Them Dog Training at 717-702-6178 or email

Please note - Our board and train availability does book up fast, so please reach out for dates as soon as you know when you would like to utilize board and train.  We are currently booked 2-3 months out.

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