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In 2019 I adopted my third dog, Ella.  Ella was the dog I’d never had before, she was dog reactive, people reactive, and would start fights with my other dog. Dealing with this struggle and feeling defeated, we had reached out to many trainers with no success until we finally found one who was able to help! Through the process of getting my dogs help, training dogs quickly became my passion. With my career diploma in Dog Training/Obedience Instructor as well as my hands on experience through training and fostering, I am dedicated to helping owners achieve the life they dream of with their dog.  Each dog and each owner are individuals, so our training plans are tailored to your specific lifestyle and the life you want with your dog.  Since starting For Them Dog Training, I have helped so many families with behaviors as simple as basic obedience and puppy training, all the way to extreme reactivity, stranger danger, separation anxiety etc.  There is nothing I enjoy more than keeping families together and helping owners live a happier, calmer life with their dog.  

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